Boston Bun
"Time Bomb"

Director : Lisa Paclet
Production : Frenzy Paris
Client : Ed Banger
Role : Producer / Music video supervisor

Lisa Paclet about « Time Bomb » on Dazed Digital

Can you explain the basic premise of the video?
Lisa Paclet: I have constructed the music video around the relationship between time and magnetism.The idea was to stage two characters who’s actions aren’t synchronised, and who throughout the clip try to align on a common speed. Once that’s reached, the result of their actions is not always the one one would expect. The attraction and repulsion that the characters feel towards each other is translated visually by opposing variations in speed, and by analogical deformations produced by magnets. The result creates a deformed relationship between time and image, which mirrors the deformation of the relationship between the two characters.

Why did you choose this idea in relation to the song?
Lisa Paclet: The song is very rhythmic and specifically references time in its lyrics, so I was searching for an idea that could translate synchronicity and time visually. Also, I wanted to find an element of surprise – “the time bomb” in the song – and thought that it would be interesting to stage very simple, mundane actions, which once synchronised sometimes end in an unexpected way.
The two teenagers in the clip are ruled by a clock which defines their level of asynchrony, just like us in our everyday life; ruled by time, trying to align our internal speed, our perceptions, to those of others around us. One inspiration for this clip is a wonderful animated short film by Jan Svankmajer “Dimensions of Dialogue”, in which two clay figures try and fail to communicate through the use of everyday objects.

Can you explain the techniques you used to make the video?
Lisa Paclet: I very much like experimentation, and have often worked around the idea of creating images and destroying them (before this I made films scratching on 16mm film, data-moshing and sewing images on paper). I find the relationship between chaos and control very alluring. Working hard to construct a film and then intervening in a way that is somewhat uncontrollable, letting the process take over and allowing for unexpected accidents which can often enrich the final result. On this film, first we worked the edit, finessed the time based effects and then filmed the whole thing from the screen of an old tv. The images were deformed with a set of strong magnets that I was moving behind and around the screen, trying to be on beat. I felt like a mad scientist doing this, and almost electrocuted myself! It was so fun!

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